Shahny Raitz von Frentz is a German-born, London-based photographer and designer.

Shahny photographs conceptual portraits, fashion and interiors/lifestyle, catering to clients who demand creativity and striking images to set them apart from their peers or competitors.

Nowadays, her photography and design work are mostly combined, her conceptual and aesthetic tones enabling her to work to move smoothly from one to the other.

Shahny’s work has been published in worldwide publications such as The New York Times, The Observer, Financial Times, Time Out, Stern Magazine, Allegra, Weltwoche, World of Interiors and The Telegraph.

Shahny specialises in Lifestyle Websites working for clients in fashion, the entertainment industry and upmarket interiors. She has a natural eye for composition and the artistic ability to captivate… Shahny’s work is striking, instinctive and driven by a deep understanding of her medium.

Her use of colour is very selective. She delivers remarkable results, combining superb creative direction with highly technical procedures, resulting in extraordinary design and imagery. She manages to implement and blend current trends in visual arts with her own creative ideas. In most of her works, her goal is to tell the viewers a story and set an atmospheric mood within the pictures she creates. Shahny approaches her work with an edge.
Her image campaigns and designs strive to go beyond established styles, whilst still understanding the current climate. She produces powerful work that leaves an impact on the viewer.


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